Courses & Lessons in St. Peter Ording

Learn how to kite in St. Peter Ording
Learn how to kite in St. Peter Ording

We offer a variety of courses and lessons.

Our concept is basically picking you up where you're at!


Beginner level


Our beginner courses are for those who have zero experience with kites or kitesurfing.

The first thing to learn is controlling the kite.

We will go through different exercises, starting with controlling the kite stationary.

Later you will learn how to move with the kite and be moved by the kite, we call this last exercise bodydrags. Once you're able to control the kite you'll be on the next level, which is learning how to get onto the board and riding.

There is no certain number of days that it will take for you to get here. It depends on your personal ability. Please don't expect too much of yourself, safety is always most important!


Intermediate Level


Our intermediate level begins with the waterstart. It can take a couple of days to master this task. The waterstart is the key to controlled and safe kiteboarding. Only if you get up and ride safely into both directions you can start thinking about the next level.

We will continue with riding different courses towards the wind, most important is being able to ride upwind and "holding your ground" so you don't always have to walk back. 


Advanced Level 


Once you are able to ride upwind we can start teaching you simple turns so you won't have to stop every time you change directions.

We can also start with showing you some little tricks like riding switch and basic jumps and also some more difficult ways to turn. 




We are not meeting for theory lessons. All the theory and safety advice you'll need will be taught by us during the course. We are working on a folder which you can study on your own. It will include most of the things we'll be talking about in the course.